Cracked iPad Screen?

How can one find an iPad glass replacement service in Tokyo? What are the options? For the longest time, all folks in Tokyo could do with their broken iPads was simply buy a new one. Sadly there were not a lot of options for any type of iPad glass replacement service in Tokyo. Finally a solution had been created – iRepairTokyo. The best iPad glass replacement service in Tokyo!

And within a week of opening our doors (so to speak – we’re a mobile service!), Dave sent us a note explaining he had broken one of his iPads. The sheer sight of it was hurting his eyes. And as a result he could really use his iPad as he would like. He began asking around to see if anyone knew of an iPad glass replacement service in Tokyo, but sadly no one could help. While he wanted to save his iPad, he did not want to send it back to the UK to have it fixed.

iPad Glass Replacement Service in Tokyo

Fortunately he stumbled upon us and decided to send us an email. We contacted Dave right away to learn more about the situation. After a few minutes on the phone, we schedule an appointment with him for the following day. We met him at his home in Yokohama and replaced the broken iPad screen in just under an hour. Dave was so pleased that he invited our technician out for a chu-hai. We couldn’t decline! So happy we were able to get Dave’s iPad screen looking like new again. Thanks for the chu-hai, Dave!

If you or anyone you know is looking for an iPad glass replacement service in Tokyo, you’ve come to the right place. We love fixing iPads and helping our customers with their Apple devices. Please get in touch with us if you have a broken iPad!