PictureTokyo iPhone Repair Cracked Screen

Jenny, who lives in Shibuya but works in Ginza, was not a happy individual on her way to work this morning. After getting ready, she took three steps outside her door and watched her iPhone 6 fall out of her bag and crash to the cement floor. When she picked up her phone, she saw the result – a cracked LCD and glass screen on her iPhone 6. Not being able to dial or connect with anyone, she felt the stress of not be able to get in touch should something happen. Needing her iPhone screen fixed immediately in Tokyo, she began looking for services to replace the broken screen. After a few minutes she found www.iRepairTokyo.com and decided to fill out one of our repair forms. We called her on her office phone and set up an appointment for an hour later. Once at her office, it took about 30 minutes to replace the cracked screen. Jenny was back on the grid!