What happened?

Poor Jenny. She was walking down the street today in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo and accidentally dropped her iPhone 7 out of her purse. The long, dreadful fall to the concrete street cause the screen on her iPhone to shattered into pieces. The result you can see in the picture. Not fun. Not fun at all. There were tears streaming down her face. She began looking for an iPhone repair service in Tokyo that could replace the screen on her iPhone 7.

After a few searches here and a few searches there, she stumbled upon iRepairTokyo. She was absolutely in love with our website. And decided to see what our service was like. She shot us a LINE message asking if we could help. We got right back in touch with her to learn more about what happened to her broken iPhone screen in Tokyo. Sounding down and out, she described that it was just a simple slip of the hand. It caused the corner of her iPhone to catch the edge of her purse – sending her iPhone 7 crashing to the ground below. When she picked up her iPhone she was looking at a cracked iPhone screen.

The fix!

We set up an appointment with Jenny to replace the broken screen on her iPhone 7 at her office in Shinjuku. We met her later that afternoon and repaired the broken glass in under 30 minutes. She was delighted that she no longer had to deal with cutting her finger tips with each swipe of her phone. Her iPhone 7 looked brand new again and it was if nothing ever happened. She was thrilled that she was able to get her iPhone 7 fixed so easily. For you or anyone out there that is dealing with a similar situation of walking around with a broken iPhone screen, get in touch with us today!

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