“Is there a mobile cell phone repair service in Tokyo?,” wondered Steven as he could no longer stand the cracked screen on his iPhone SE. Could there possibly be a iPhone repair service in Tokyo that could fix his broken iPhone. Look no further, ladies and gentleman. We are here to help!

Steven looked high and low for a repair shop to replace the broken glass on his iPhone SE. After coming up short numerous times, he turned to the trusty old internet. He began his search with iPhone repair in Tokyo and finally found a mobile cell phone repair service in Shinjuku that would come to him to do the repair. Because he had done this several times before, he was a little reluctant to give this number a call or send us a text. Fortunately when he sent us a LINE message, we answered him right away. We learned that he had broken his iPhone SE weeks ago and consequently was walking around with a broken screen this whole time.

Mobile Cell Phone Repair Service in Tokyo

Once we connected with Steven, we set up an appointment with him later that day. In under 30 minutes, we were able to replace the broken screen on his iPhone SE. As a result he no longer had to look at the cracked screen and no longer had to worry about chopping his fingers off. It was if he had brought a brand new iPhone from the Apple Store in Shibuya. Finally he could go out into the world again without the embarrassment of a cracked screen.

Broken iPhone Screen?

We love what we do and enjoy helping out people in the greater Tokyo area. If you are looking for a mobile phone repair service in Tokyo, look no further. We’re here to help you replace those cracked iPhone screens.