Joe got in touch with us last night looking for a Takadanobaba iPhone 7 repair service. He needed a cracked iPhone screen repaired in Takadanobaba because his girlfriend had shattered her screen a few hours before. He was away in Australia and hoping to surprise her with the best iPhone repair service in Tokyo. Joe shot us a LINE message and we replied right away to hear about the situation. He was in search of a mobile iPhone repair business that offers the convenience of the technician coming to you. He stumbled upon iRepairTokyo and knew right away that he had found the right service.

We met his girlfriend at a cafe in the Takadanobaba area and surprised her with our toolkit and new screens in hand. Within a few minutes, we had gotten to work on her iPhone 7. She was in shocked at how cool this iPhone repair service is. She didn’t know there was such a thing in Tokyo. We told her we mostly work with the expat community, but we’re always looking for opportunities to break into the Japanese market.

Takadanobaba iPhone 7 Repair Service

As we were replacing the cracked screen on her iPhone, we asked what had happened and whether or not any tears were shed. She told us that she was just simply texting on her phone when she accidentally dropped it. As a result, the screen shattered and she was left with what you can see in the picture. She loved that iPhone, especially with its red back case. It stood out from the rest. When she dropped her phone and broke the screen, every time she would swipe to unlock the phone she would slightly cut her fingertips. No fun! So within about 30 minutes, we had replaced the cracked screen on her iPhone 7. Big shout out to Joe for this surprise repair gift from 1000s of miles away. Pretty sweet move if you ask me!