[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Were the words that Justin called out to the universe in hopes of finding a service in Tokyo that did cracked iPhone 6 screen repair in Tokyo. Yesterday afternoon while on his lunch break, Justin was walking around the Yoyogi Park area when he tried to take his iPhone 6 out of his pocket. Like many before him the pant pocket caught the corner of his iPhone and it went tumbling to the ground. He picked it up and quickly saw the devastating result – a cracked iPhone 6 screen. No fun! He still could use it to make phone calls and message his friends. But he was definitely embarrassed by the fact he now had to walk around with a shattered screen. Justin loved his iPhone and it was painful for him to see his beloved device in such shambles. After a few days of scraping and cutting his fingers on the broken glass, Justin decided to try to find a broken iPhone repair shop in Tokyo that could replace the screen. Fortunately he stumbled upon www.iRepairTokyo.com¬†and decided to fill out one of our repair forms. Within a few minutes we got in touch with Justin and worked to set up an appointment to meet him in his office in Tokyo. We meet him in the afternoon and fixed his cracked iPhone screen right in front of him on his office desk. The whole repair took about 30 minutes and we had his cracked iPhone 6 screen looking like new again. He was super thankful and delighted by the fact that he no longer had to walk about town with a shattered screen. Justin’s iPhone 6 was just like it was on the day he bought it several months ago. We were happy to help and look forward to assisting any other individuals walking around the city with a broken iPhone 6 screen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Cracked iPhone Repair Tokyo

Cracked iPhone 6 Screen Repair in Tokyo