John in Ginza got in touch with us today regarding a cracked iPhone screen. Apparently he had dropped his iPhone 6 while on his way to work, resulting in a cracked iPhone screen. This is never a fun time, especially when the iPhone is only a few weeks old. John was crushed and frustrated. Was there a service in Tokyo that could repair his cracked iPhone screen? He began asking around amongst his friends and colleagues. Then he turned to trusty old Google where he did a few searches for repair services in Tokyo that could fix a cracked iPhone screen. A few clicks here and a short phone call later, we had set up an appointment with John to fix his cracked iPhone screen at his office in Ginza. Later in the afternoon we met with him and repaired his cracked iPhone screen in just under 45 minutes. He was delighted at the fact that he was looking at a brand new phone once again. It was like nothing ever happened. His iPhone 6 was back to normal. If you or anyone you know has a broken iPad screen or cracked iPhone screen, please do point them in our direction. We come to our customers and do repairs right on the spot. In most cases repairs take about 30 minutes. We offer a 6-month warranty and are always happy to help with any other concerns you may have related to cracked screens on your Apple devices. We have done thousands of repairs around the Tokyo area and are always looking to expand our customer base. We love what we do and are very happy to be doing service and repairs in the Tokyo area. Just give us a call today or fill out a repair form and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.