Repairing iPhone Screens!

We fix iPhone screens. Why o’ why does Byron keep breaking the screen on his iPhone? This is the third time he has done it in the last three months. He is averaging one cracked iPhone screen per month. No fun. Not at all. This latest break takes the cake. His cracked iPhone screen in Tokyo is the crack of the week. As you can see from the picture, Byron has nearly destroyed his iPhone. The was the result of a late night in the Roppongi area. Due to too much sake (we think, but can’t say for sure) we have used a different name. For that reason, Byron’s real name is not actually Byron.

Cracked iPhone Screen of the Week!

Anyways – Byron got back in touch with us. He wanted to replace the shattered screen on his iPhone. After a few quick glances, we told him we’d give it our best. No promises! We haven’t seen a broken iPhone like that in Tokyo for years. We had to straighten the frame. Furthermore we had to bend back the corners. His home button went missing and we therefore had to replace it with a new one. Almost 45 minutes later of intense surgery, we had Byron’s iPhone looking like new again. For the third time! We were amazed that it still worked. Sometimes customers bring us iPhones that are far too damaged and consequently cannot be saved. This one was luckily able to be brought back to life.

Get in touch!

Above all if you see someone walking around Tokyo with a broken iPhone, give them our number! Please pass along our website at iRepairTokyo. We enjoy fixing broken and cracked screens in Shibuya. Or Shinjuku. Maybe Asakusa. Possibly Ginza. Or Roppongi. We come to you because that it what’s best for you. The team here does our darnedest to fit into your schedule and fix your iPhone as soon as possible. Call today!