Brandon has been visiting the city of Tokyo for the past two weeks and he’s also been walking around the city with a cracked iPhone screen for two weeks. Sadly on Day 1 of his adventures, we was a little too excited to take some pictures in the Harajuku area. When he reached for his iPhone in his coat pocket, a slight mishap caused his phone to go crashing to the street floor – leaving him with a cracked iPhone screen in Tokyo. What a bummer of a way to start his Japanese journey. He had been saving up for this trip for a long time and was finally able to score some time away from work. Now he would have to be walking around his favorite city with a cracked screen on his iPhone 6.


After nearly two weeks of staring at a cracked screen, Brandon thought it might be time to look around for an iPhone repair shop in Tokyo that might be able to replace the cracked screen on his iPhone. A quick internet search at his hotel’s lobby led him to Tokyo’s #1 Cracked Screen Repair Team – iRepairTokyo. He was delighted to learn that we go to our customers and do the repair right in front of them. Repairs take about 30 minutes and victims of cracked screens can walk away with a brand new looking phone. He filled out one of our repair request forms and we got in touch with him shortly after. We set up a time to meet with him later that afternoon at the cafe near his hotel in Shibuya. Within just a short while, we had Brandon’s cracked iPhone screen replaced and looking good again. He could go about the rest of his trip in Tokyo without having to worry about slicing his fingers. Thanks for your business, Brandon! Have a wonderful time in Tokyo!